pompano fish painting

Pompano Fish


Print Size(s) : 8x10 - $30.00, 10x13 - $50.00, 16x20 - $75.00

Pompano is a fish watercolor print by Steve Senatro. This print is done with ink and watercolors on a rice paper and available in

  • 8×10 for $30.00
  • 10×13 for $50.00
  • 16×20 for $75.00

Need a different size? Additional size prints are available. Contact us at Steve.senatro@gmail.com or 860-817-8153.

Pompano are typically overall silvery in color, sometimes with dark or yellowish fins, and one or a few black markings on the side of their body. They are toothless and are relatively large fish, up to about 1.2 m (3.9 ft) long, although most species reach no more than half or two-thirds of that size. They are found worldwide in warmer seas, sometimes also entering brackish waters.

Eating habits: Adult pompano feed on small surf clams,

Additional information

8×10 – $30.00, 10×13 – $50.00, 16×20 – $75.00

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